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ARCH Venture Partners

ARCH Venture Partners - http://www.archventure.com/

ARCH Venture Partners invests in the development of seed and early stage advanced technology companies that have the potential to grow rapidly into successful businesses. We invest primarily in companies we co-found with leading scientists and entrepreneurs, concentrating on bringing to market disruptive innovations in life sciences, physical sciences and information technology, and specialize in the spaces where they converge.

We enjoy special recognition as a leader in the successful commercialization of technologies developed at academic research institutions, corporate research groups and national laboratories.


JDRF T1D Fund - http://www.jdrf.org/t1dfund 

The JDRF T1D Fund is a venture philanthropy fund accelerating life-changing solutions to treat, prevent and cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) through catalytic commercial investments. Through its investments in partnership with private capital, including venture capital, corporations and foundations, the T1D Fund seeks to attract the private investment necessary to advance drugs, devices, diagnostics, and vaccines into the hands of those living with T1D. The T1D Fund invests in areas strategically aligned with JDRF, the leading global organization funding T1D research, with an exclusive focus on supporting the best commercial opportunities. The T1D Fund will reinvest any realized gains into new investments to further its mission.


Vatera Healthcare Partners - http://www.vaterahealthcare.com

Vatera Healthcare Partners has been the lead investor in ImmusanT since December of 2011. Vatera is a New York City-based investment group focused on taking active positions in biotech/pharmaceutical firms and products. Vatera's objective is to identify and develop best-in-class therapies to treat unmet or underserved medical needs and improve patients' lives. Vatera aims to deploy patient capital and targeted expertise to build great companies, using its team’s significant experience and expertise in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry and its strong network of relationships within industry and academia. Vatera's track record includes its most recent success with Pearl Therapeutics, in which Vatera first invested in 2010. Pearl grew to become a leading Phase 3 respiratory-focused company, and was sold to AstraZeneca in mid-2013 for up to $1.15 billion.

Michael Jaharis, now an advisor to the firm, founded Vatera Healthcare Partners in 2007, following a series of extraordinary successes developing and selling valuable pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Jaharis served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Key Pharmaceuticals from 1972 until its merger with the Schering-Plough Corporation in 1986. In 1988, he founded Kos Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Jaharis sold Kos and its portfolio to Abbott Laboratories in 2006 for $4.2 billion.